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Welcome to my home page. My first name is Brian and I currently live in London, England.

I currently have 2 computers, a PC with Windows XP and a PC with Windows 10. My old Acorn 3010 computer (known in the U.S. as Archimedes) is sadly no longer working.



Waiting for a train -  at Waterloo.Apart from my love of computers, travelling is one of my main interests. That's me at Waterloo Station, in London - waiting for a train to mainland Europe (the trains now go from St. Pancras Station).

With the opening of the Channel Tunnel, Paris is around 2 and a half hours away. And you can reach Brussels in just over 2 hours.

Train speeds reach more than 180 miles per hour in France, and now also in Belgium and England.


Listening to music takes up a lot of my time. My favourite classical composers are Schubert and Vaughan Williams. My favourite piece of classical music is The Banks of Green Willow by George Butterworth.


I like pop music too, especially from the 60s era. The Bee Gees, Elton John and Cher are among my favourites here. I think Elvis Presley has to be the best though - for he started it all with Heartbreak Hotel and racked up more than one hundred singles hits, both here in the UK and in the USA. A few years ago, Elvis was at #1 again in the UK with a revamp of A Little Less Conversation. I don't think it compares with his best but it gave him 18 #1s here (more than any other act). His earlier #1s have been re-released again and at least three of these have reached #1 a second time. If you like Elvis, here's a site you can visit THE EXCLUSIVE ELVIS EXPRESS CLUB. Other artistes I like are Celine Dion, Cliff Richard and Julio Iglesias. Cliff has also notched up more than one hundred hit singles (in the UK) and has had top ten hits in six different decades here. My favourite single, more for the memories it brings back rather than the actual recording itself, is Where Do You Go To, My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt. This hit #1 in the UK just as the 60s were drawing to a close. I still play it most days. Two other singles I play a lot are Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals and Massachusetts by The Bee Gees.

Elvis Presley - my favourite artiste

Possibly the greatest single loss to pop music was the tragic plane crash in February 1959 in which Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens perished. I still remember seeing the wreckage pictured on the front page of the Daily Mirror the next morning. The Big Beat sound of the 60s - groups like the Beatles and the Hollies - was basically Buddy's style developed a little further. Ritchie had just had a massive double sided hit Donna/La Bamba and must have inspired Latino Rock groups like Santana. Also in 1959, other greats like Jerry Lee Lewis (who had scored massively in 1958 with Great Balls Of Fire and had many other hits) and Little Richard started to fade, Elvis was already drafted into the Army and the result was a softer 'cleaned-up' pop scene overall. We had records like Connie Frances Lipstick On Your Collar/My Happiness, Bobby Vee Rubber Ball and The Fleetwoods Mr. Blue. Normal service was to resume though within a few years with the likes of the Beach Boys, Four Seasons, and of course The Beatles.

Many artistes from the 60s/early 70s are still successful today. Carlos Santana, Black Sabbath, Cher and Cliff Richard have all had best selling albums recently. And it was in the late 90s that Elton John's tribute to Diana - Candle In The Wind - became the biggest selling single ever.

My favourite movies are Casablanca, The Graduate and Schindler's List. Though they are very different from each other, what they have in common, for me, is that I never tire of watching them. I often wonder how Casablanca would have been had Ronald Reagan had taken the lead role. Incidentally, Ronald Reagan was initially considered to play Ben's father in The Graduate, but this was later dropped because they wanted a lesser known actor.


My political views tend to be neither completely liberal nor conservative but somewhere between the two extremes. However, I don't like socialists. They tend to regard people as idiots and try to control everything for them. Especially the type of New Labour government that from 1997 until 2010 we had here in the UK. Under their watch, the UK lived beyond its means. Socialists love spending other peoples money!! Then there was the Iraq war. Ironically, many of the more extreme socialists did not support it but the damage was done. Saddam Hussein may not have been well liked but he kept Iraq stable. Now, it is far from stable. Another thing I find annoying are total smoking bans. I realize that not everyone likes smoking but you can have separate areas or buildings. Many pubs and bars have closed since the ban came in. When Labour lost Crewe in a bye-election just a year after the 2007 smoking ban came in, voters gave this as one of the main reasons for the loss, Fortunately, Labour are now out of power and until recently we had a coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. This turned out ok as the Lib Dems helped to curb any excesses of the Conservatives. I am becoming increasingly fed up with David Cameron's Conservative party though. Since they got an overall majority in May 2015 they have been making a lot of welfare cuts. Although I accept that some cuts were needed,in my opinion, I feel this has now gone too far. We are told by 'Call me Dave' that those too ill to look after themselves will be looked after. This doesn't always happen and we have many instances of claimants being ordered to look for work when they are unable to. The in-word now seems to be 'sanctions' where part of the benefit is withdrawn and it helps nobody!! However, they have also been behaving like a social democratic party where Big Brother knows best. First there was Big Tobacco, then Big Alcohol. Now we are getting Big Sugar/Soda. All these industries have products that we need health information on but we should then decide for ourselves. And it should be unbiased information and not exaggerated just to suit another industry called Big Pharma. On the coming EU referendum, I plan to vote to leave. The EU has become too big and unwieldy. Last time I voted for UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) for they are the only party who have respect for individual freedom. They got nearly 4 million votes in the 2015 General Election but only one seat. Hopefully next time they can find a way to concentrate more on fewer seats but still contest a lot of them!! Well, enough of that. Some people are not that interested in politics anyways.


I am also interested in computer games. My favourite game is Wolfenstein3D. Here's a screenshot from one of the levels I made:



Although it looked a little dated compared with the likes of Quake 3 etc, I feel none of the later action games matched the atmosphere of Wolf3D. (Though Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem tried very hard). A new Wolf3D game Castle Wolfenstein 2000, using the Quake 3 engine was released later and I found this to be very enjoyable. I often find with newer games that they concentrate a lot more on special effects and as a result some of the atmosphere of the earlier games is lost. This did not happen here. Newer games with more advanced features have since been released (and continue to be released) so the Wolfenstein future looks hopeful.



I had two websites dedicated to Wolfenstein 3D, and it's sequels Spear of Destiny and Blake Stone. There are links to these below. The main one Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3D Page lists over 1000 alternative level sets. More recently, I teamed up with a friend of mine (Parafriction) and together we ran a third website for the game. The Wolfenstein 3D News was incorporated into that site.


I am not alone in my support for this game. There are several Yahoo fan clubs (links to these are on my main website), and the largest has more than 200 members. New level sets are continually being released, many with modified graphics too. And there are more than 90 Wolfenstein 3D related websites. That's not counting those for Mac computers.







 Awards I have received, for my Wolfenstein 3-D Pages.



Click on the banner below for my main Wolfenstein 3-D Page: 

Mr.  Lowe's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

Thanks to Brandon R. Farmer, who made this banner.


Wolfenstein 3D News 


The Wolfenstein 3D Dome A wolf 3D site jointly run by Parafriction and myself. Incorporates the news site mentioned above, plus links, addons, source and utilities etc.



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Odd links which you may (or may not) find useful:

Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association Religious organization that I support, particularly regarding their interpretation of bible prophecy.

United Church Of God Another religious organization that I visit a lot and has many beliefs that I share.

The Worldwide Church Of God Religious organization that I used to support - until it modified many of its beliefs. Founded by the late Herbert W. Armstrong.

e-Sword Has a great selection of free electronic bibles, both in English and foreign languages. Also has a large selection of religious dictionaries.

Daily Telegraph U.K. newspaper website.

The Guardian U.K. newspaper website. Tends to take a liberal stance.

The BBC Online British Broadcasting Corporation.

Old Holborn Libertarian site. No niceties here (often quite outspoken), but I mostly agree with what is said.

The Maldon Online Home Page A very pleasant small town that I often visit.

Castle Point Astronomy Club Well presented information. Based approx 25 miles east of London, in the county of Essex.

World Snooker Comprehensive snooker site.

Sainsbury's Home Shopping For groceries and a wide range of other goods ordered online (UK). Normally has a delivery charge for groceries (typically £1 to £6), but is often free for orders over £100. Another site providing groceries ordered online (UK).

metroPlanetHas maps and other info of city subway systems around the world.

Train Line Com Buy UK rail tickets online.

London Bus Routes Comprehensive information on bus routes in the greater London area. Unofficial website.

The ITV Hub What it says....

Whats On TV A UK TV listings site.

Britannia Hotels Has a fair number of hotels in the UK and offers good service at a reasonable price.

WayBack Machine Go back!

USA State and Couuty QuickFacts QuickFacts includes data for all USA states and counties, and for cities and towns with more than 25,000 people.

ATP World Tour Tennis The home of tennis.

Arcata Pet Californian online pet store I use occasionally. I have two pet budgies (parakeets). Has a comprehensive selection of audio and video titles to suit all musical tastes. They also stock a wide range of other goods.

CD Selections A UK supplier of audio CDs, books, tapes etc. Now simply called Selections and includes a range of garden products.

HMV Online Store Has a wide range of CDs and DVDs etc..

Cover-Up Online workwear store. Has a wide range of items in stock from overalls to rubber boots.

Action for M.E. M.E. is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I have suffered from this illness for several years. However, not to the extent that some others have and I am gradually recovering from it.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Another useful Chronic Fatigue Syndrome site.

Smoker-friendly Hotels and Accommodation UK Most UK hotels now tend to be non-smoking throughout but some continue to offer designated smoking rooms where smoking is allowed and smokers are welcome. However, please check with the hotel before booking as their policies can change. The list is not very long but it contains some hotels not listed in the far more comprehensive 'Smokers United' site below.

Smokers United You might find this site useful in helping to find hotels which have smoking rooms or facilities.

FOREST (Freedom Organization for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco) Although I support some of the July 2007 anti-smoking restrictions, I feel that this has now gone too far. For instance, I believe that smokers should be allowed to smoke in a limited number of.pubs and private clubs as was pledged in New Labour's 2005 election manifesto.


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